Yehudit made Aliyah from Chicago in 2000. Married 27 years, during which time she received her MSW, raised a family, got certification in holistic massage and personal coaching, co-authored & co-edited a positive psychology book, and has formally and, also as a community service, coached many women and couples.

Rather eclectic in her approach, she brings together thoughts and tidbits on various subjects, including nutrition, alternative health options, Judaism, science/physics, and EFT/energy, towards effecting a change. Yehudit sees that far too many people live in emotional pain/discomfort, needlessly. She absolutely loves helping people get past their hurdles efficiently and effectively!

“My “talent”, she says, “is in NOT being shy about being honest with people including addressing issues that are not usually comfortable…yet, they are glad that they were able to deal with them.”

Please email Yehudit, who is available for coaching women or couples, if you’d like to work on something! There is a lot of healing to do. Let’s get it done!


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