Howdy all!

I hope this finds you doing well and feeling satisfied in your life!  Unfortunately, my experience is, that far too many folks are wasting far too much precious life energy and time being stuck.  People are stuck in various places in their lives, work, relationships, money and they feel powerless. It is my intention with this blog to open up a dialogue. A discussion between you and anyone you choose. It is my goal to be a catalyst to an exchange of energy. Positive energy, healing energy, and flow.

If we can get energy moving, people thinking a little differently, speaking a little differently and, who knows, maybe even putting effort into giving someone you love an extra hug or smile and word of encouragement, well then, we just don’t know what all that good energy could produce!?

Certainly that isn’t the answer to all of life’s challenges. However! It is a very positive beginning. So, my first challenge to you is to think about how you might feel stuck or powerless in your life. Then, reach out to someone you care about and give them a smile or a hug!